WoozIn: Be Social in Style!!

Hello Woozens !!

There we are… this is it… You’ve been dreaming about it and I did it!!! xD

I’m really proud to introduce you to the WoozIn !!! Woozworld now has its own social network, you won’t need Facebook anymore!! ^^

Everything you love, and more, is now available at the same place!!

Share your unitz, you Woozworld pics, your favorite videos your moods and more!!

You can also write message directly on your friendz Wallz and comment every post they’re publishing!!

Follow the Woozband news in real time!! Give your impressions and instantly react to what they are talking about!!

To access your own WoozIn page, just click on the “WoozIn” button in Woozworld’s new navigation bar!! Then, you just need to validate your email adress and Woozworld’s whole new social universe will be yours!!

tutorial will be here to guide you through your firts steps in the WoozIn!!

Chat, play, share!! It’s YOUR world!! Own it!!

Woozworld is changing and evolving… Join the ride and discover a whole new gaming experience!!



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