Events Of Woozworld 5.3.2012

Events Of This Week
Events Of This Week

Good Monday Woozens!

What another exciting weekend!!! Congratulations to all of the 2012 Woozcarz Woozen Awards winners and all of the nominees!

Here’s a quick list of everyone who won a Woozcar: ripleywo0Kawaii0o,ILandonSera2-Super-heartzxoParis12xoLatinolover00NeeChee001,pearlsnowNormi, lovelylily10Looo0oooLKoriiTrevor831xRihannaZx,1SuNsHiNeEmA1, ColeZAli-heartheroMaxWoozMyaWooz.

We had a wonderful night that began with a lovely performance by our hosts Mya and Jay. Afterwards we dove right in to the awards and it was a night that will certainly be remembered for a long, long time… If you missed it, I’m sure there will be lots of YouTube videos posted over the next few days that you can watch!

Your chance to submit a Photo Reel for the Up and Coming Directors Contest has now ended. We will be going through all your entries and on Friday you’ll find out if you made it to the final voting round at the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVEevent! Good luck to everyone!!!

This week we’ll be launching a Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest for all you artistic Woozens out there! More details will be coming tomorrow when the contest officially opens so keep checking the Blog!

Now let’s see what eventz are happening this week…

This Week in Woozworld

Monday – The best way to start the week is with some fun and games!!! Head over to Max’s Game Showat 1:00 PM or 4:00 PM WoozTime to play your favorite Woozworld games for a chance to win a Game Podz! Good luck!!😀

Tuesday – This week’s theme for Jay’s Freestyle Hour is Spring is Coming! What do you love most about this lovely season? Share your thoughts at Jay’s Poetry Cafe from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM WoozTime. Those in queue can also participate by voting for their favorites and posting their own freestyles on Jay’sWallZ for a chance to win a trophy! Keep it short and sweet, maximum 4 lines long. Don’t be shy and come on by!!!

Wednesday – What will you be wearing to the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE event on Friday? To win a key for Mya’s Fashion Show you’ll have to show off your most Glamorous Outfits! Remember, the winner of the show gets to be the brand new Star of the Week!!! Read how to qualify below:

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Dress in your most glamorous outfit and show off any extras on your mannequins
  3. Make a Display Eventz between 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM WoozTime
  4. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  5. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 3:00 PM WoozTime to compete!

Thursday – There are more NEW Bookz arriving this week for Jenny’s Bookz Club! Yay!!! If you love to read then head over to the unitz for our new featured bookz, The Super Sluggers, Wing Ding, at 1:30 PMor 7:30 PM WoozTime! At the end of each bookz she reads, Jenny will ask some trivia questions for a chance to win a mystery gift or trophy!

Friday – We are still working out the schedule for Friday since there will be a special Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE eventz to announce the winners of the Up and Coming Directors Contest. Stay tuned for more info!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

In honor of the Woozcarz, Jay wants to see if you can build the Ultimate Awards Ceremony unitz! Create a unitz fit for a major awards show with a WOW factor that will make you stand out! Feel free to include a red carpet, celebrities, limousines, a live band, or whatever else you can think up. The more creative you are the better and remember to have FUN with it!!! The top 10 winners will each get 50 Wooz and atrophy! There will also be a few runners up who will trophies for doing so well. If you think you’ve got what it takes, go to Jay’s Unitz Design HQ, collect some useful items, and then submit your finished design before midnight on Thursday!

Woozen Articles

“Sammie’s Advice about Bulling” by HGHBGHGBV-p1

If your getting bullied here are for simple steps you must take..
In WoozWord:
2.if they do it again tell wooz band
3.block them
4.Don’t let them hurt you!
In Real:
1.tell adult
3.leave them at there games
4.Don’t listen to them!
Whilst I was dressed up poor for a whole day I had thirty bullies come up to me and say mean word’s, just because I LOOKED poor, look are not every thing it is what is in the inside that matter’s so what if there poor you was there once wasn’t you???
Also on that note, stop it because it hurts the one’s on the out side they only bully because it happened to them and they did not follow Sammie’s step’s to stop bullying.
It hurts other’s and they become shy and either quit or even hurt themselves you don’t want to be the cause, Do You??

“Mystery Gifts” by jemoda

Mystery Gifts have been forgotten! These are some common questions about Mystery Gifts.
Q: How can I get a Mystery Gift?
A: You can get a Mystery Gift from the Woozworld Plaza or from plantz!
Q: What’s in the Mystery Gift?
A: You will get a spellz, clothing or furniture!
Q: Where do I open my Mystery Gift?
A: In your inventory, under the Mystery Gift section (box with a question mark).
Q: Why do some Mystery Gifts look diffrent from others?
A: There are diffrent tiers (bargain, choice or premium). There are 4 diffrent Mystery Gifts in each tier and they will each look a bit diffrent.
Q: Why do I get good items sometimes and bad items other times?
A: It all depends on what tier the Mystery Gift is. If it is bargain you are more likely to get a spellz or bargain item, if it is choice you can get bargain or choice items, and if it is premium you will get premium or luxury items and rarely spellz!

“Stop Bullying!” by puddie88

S top Bullies from hurting other kids
T hink twice about what you say to someone
O pen your heart to other people
P ut a stop to bullying
B ullies are not good people
U nderstand that lots of people are being bullied
L earn about what you can do to stop bullies
L ove one another
Y ou can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life
I dentify the bully and STOP THEM
N ever Watch bullying without helping
G o and tell someone that you are or you know someone who is being bullied

“Info On The Highlights Of Being VIP!” by Trish102

Hi! Being a VIP has always been a popular subject. I wasnted to let you in on some of the exclusives of being a VIP. First, everyone knows the obvious one…. Wooz! Being VIP makes it much easier to get wooz. You can get wooz from voting, being voted, selling VIP stuff, and even completing achievements! You also get wooz when you buy your VIP membership! Also, you get beex and special items. The amount of wooz and beex you get along with the special items depends on if you buy a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month membership. Check out the become a VIP page for more info on that. Other great parts of being VIP are…
You spend less time waiting in the queue with a VIP pass!
You get better furniture and clothing!
You get access to special VIP unitz!
There is also many more highlights to being a VIP! Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the week Woozens!


Reminder: The Video Challenge  will return in April and xoParis12xo’s videos will be published in the WoozPaper!


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