Mya’s Lost Shopping Bags

In WoozWorld there is quest calles “Mya’s Lost Shopping Bags” There is 10 hidden bags for mya, if you find them you get prize plus beex (you get prize just one time), you get 20 beex for each bags, which means you can do it dailey.

If you are too lazy like me to search for the units, just search for my name (ashley124v) then search for “Mya’s Shopping Bags In Woozworld” Unit and there you go! all the rooms in one unit

1 . Central Plaza

2 . iVibe Centralz 1

3 . Late Night With Mya

4 . New OMZ

5 . Booya

6 . Park

7 . Mountain

8 . Spaceship

9 . Fairy Chamber

10 . Coconut Grove





Pc Cheat

Pc- Private Chat

To do Pc:

1. Go to your chat bar (down the screen)

2. Type in: /t (NAME OF WOOZEN)

Example: /t ashley124v Hey

The woozen’s name has to typed Exactly.

3. Type your message.

4. Enter the message.



Fire Ball Cheat

To put people on fire, do these steps:

1. Use your arrow keys, and do this order:  Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
2. Then you type:  BA
but FYI, they won’t see it.
and there you go, everyone in the room will go on fire!